Graule Studios, located in Rochester, Pennsylvania, was started in 1892 by P.C. Graule. Mr. Graule offered photographic services that included both studio and on location portraits. He became very well known in the Beaver County area for his high quality images, many of which still exist today.

The studio always kept the image of quality portraiture, and always had excellent photographers producing the images. Ernie Casteel (Mr.Graule's son-in-law), Robert Batto and Vernan Casteel (Mr.Graule's grandson) were all photographers at the studio over the years.

Today, Graule Studios is owned by Kevin R Cooke. The studio still produces high quality, custom portraits and commercial photography services for a wide range of clients. Some of Graule Studios current commercial services include: business portraits, aerial photography, location photography, annual report photography and a full line of digital services. Custom framing and photo restoration round out the current line of Graule Studios services.

Kevin R. Cooke is an entrepreneur and veteran commercial photographer who owns Graule Studios of Rochester, PA, the seventh oldest continually operating studio in the nation. His work has been published in national magazines such as People and Money as well as in countless corporate annual reports, upscale brochures, websites, magazines and newspapers.

Widely respected for his portraiture, Kevin has photographed more than 100 CEOs and boards of directors. His creative specialty is capturing the visual essence of engineering/architecture, business, industrial, product and aerial settings. At the heart of his work is his value of long-term relationships. Among the clients he has served for many years are Gateway Rehabilitation, Geneva College and Michael Baker Corporation.

Fearless, Kevin’s on-site shoots have ranged from deep coal mines and open-door helicopters to tall cranes, insides of heavy steel mills and furnaces, and medical operating rooms during actual surgery. He is a quick thinker and adept at modifying his approach as site conditions and subjects change unexpectedly. This can include dealing with strong personalities, crawling into tight spaces to obtain the best angles, and readjusting lighting settings.

Among the national personalities and celebrities Kevin has photographed are Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, as well as Walter Cronkite, Governor Tom Ridge, Attorney General Janet Reno, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Henry Kissinger and G. Gordon Liddy. He also has captured images of athletes of the National Football League, Major League Baseball and various auto racing leagues such as NASCAR.

Kevin shoots most of his assignments in digital format. This provides instant previews for himself and feedback from clients, and allows more creative freedom later in the touch-up phase.

Ever mindful of the Beaver Valley’s rich heritage, Graule Studios has an extensive collection of historical photographs & negatives. High quality prints are provided for customers as wall artwork for restaurants, law and business offices as well as illustrations for a variety of publications. Kevin also knows the value of giving something back to his community. He has served as President of the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce, Rochester Chamber of Commerce and the Commercial and Industrial Photographers Association of Greater Pittsburgh.